EWK presents the new concept in Cooling Towers. The “Smart Cooling Tower” brings great advances that will not only extend the lifespan of the equipment and its components, but monitor its performance in real time. The main features are as follows:

The “Smart Cooling Tower” reduces energy consumption thanks to its use of inverters and its control loop. These combined with the scheduling capabilities also help to reduce noise emissions

The Smart Cooling Tower includes various safety features to protect equipment such as: water level controls, anti-freezing heaters, and emergency stops

The various components with built in anti-Legionella treatment provide high protection against bacteria

All information on the operation of the towers is shown in real time on the control panel. The information can also be accessed remotely at any time

Several sensors fitted in critical elements monitor performance and send warnings of abnormal performance. Critical failures can be avoided and possible damage can be prevented

Thanks to the temperature and humidity probes, we can have remote access to the cooling tower operational data and provide assistance if and when needed

Cooling Tower EWK SMART
Cooling Tower EWK SMART
Cooling Tower EWK-C SMART
Cooling Tower EWK-C SMART
Cooling Tower EWK-I SMART
Cooling Tower EWK-I SMART
Cooling Tower EWK-A SMART

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