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Third IBERDROLA pig slurry drying plant in Fonz (Huesca)

IBERDROLA has installed two EWK-1800 cooling towers in its pig slurry drying plant located in Fonz (Huesca); one of them to refrigerate the cogeneration motors and other for the treatment process, being able to inter-change both.

EWK towers are highly corrosion resistant, which is specially needed in such aggressive backgrounds like pig slurry industries; in addition, a special fill packing (Splash) has been installed that allows to work with dirty waters.

Finally, these equipments are furnished with the last improvements among our additional options, like: the polypropylene manhole for an easier maintenance and cleaning of the insiders, the FGRP maintenance ladder (lightweight and corrosion free), and the silencer in polypropylene according to the noise standard of the area.

Year of installation: 2013

Rejected Power: 5 MW x 2

Model: 2 x EWK 1800

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