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EWK-E 1260 P.Wils
Bomba impulsion 13_15
Vleesbedrijf P. Wils. Meat cutting plant

Meat company Wils processes pork heads into still usable ingredients that are used in the (food) industry. Many of the products that are released are sold to Asia, making Wils an important international player in its market. They refrigerate their premises in Belgium with an Evaporative condenser EWK 1260. At request of the client, this equipment has been manufactured in black color, advantage that we offer to our clients to adapt to their needs.

The installation runs 24/7 - 365 days a week, and maintenance must therefore be kept to a minimum. The corrosion-free housing and gearbox drive have a big influence on this.

Year: 2017

Rejected Power: 1.550 kW NH3+ 150 kW Glycol

Model: EWK-E 1260/5

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