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It is one of the largest players on the European market for retail printing. At locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, they take care of several printing solutions from web offset to sheetfed offset, from small printed matters to door-to-door brochures in a print run of millions.

EWK solved successfully the lack of space in this site, with very narrow areas for moving the equipment, and small dimensions at its final location as well.

In spite of these difficulties, thanks to its modular design, the different pieces of the EWK cooling tower were placed one by one in their place in the facilities of this Dutch printing company.

Among the optional elements, the low-noise ventilation unit ("Low Noise") stands out in this equipment, with which significant reductions in the overall sound power of the tower are achieved. The blades of the fan are manufactured in GRP and its core in carbon steel, which gives great resistance to aggressive environments.

Watch video: Assembly EWK

Model: EWK 680/09 Year: 2018

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