• Modular design
  • Corrosion free
  • Industrial applications
  • Easy maintenance
  • Big capacity (500 - 10.000 m3/h
Model *Dissip.
Empty Weight
Service Weight
Fan Power
Dim. Drawing
Concrete Raft
Dim. Drawing
Polyester Balsa
Technical Feat.
EWB 1730 2766 3500* 4900* 22,0 3972 5172 4711seleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionar
EWB 2300 3677 4700* 6600* 22.0 5172 5172 4760seleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionar
EWB 2875 4597 6800* 9200* 30.0 5172 6372 5335seleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionar
EWB 3600 5756 8515* 11520* 37.0 6372 6372 4516seleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionar
EWB 3460 5332 6800* 8600* 2x22.0 7622 5172 4711seleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionar
EWB 4600 7355 8800* 12300* 2x22.0 10022 5172 4760seleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionar
EWB 5750 9193 11600* 16400* 2x30.0 10022 6372 5335seleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionar
EWB 7200 11512 14525* 20535* 2x37.0 12422 6372 5564seleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionarseleccionar

* Heat rejection at the following conditions Tin: 35,0 ºC, Tout: 30,0 ºC, Twb: 24,0 ºC


Cooling towers bring a cold and dry air mass in counter-flow to hot water that comes from an industrial or air conditioning process. Part of this water evaporates, cooling the rest. The necessary heat for this is approx.597 Kcal/liter. The cold water produced is returned into the process to re-initiate the cycle. The equipment with this evaporative refrigeration principle are very important for energy efficiency in industrial processes.

The difference between the required cold water temperature and the wet bulb temperature (called cooling limit distance), is significant to determine the size of the tower. The smaller the cooling distance is, the bigger the interchanging surface is needed. The limit distance must be of at least 3-4º C.

In open cooling towers there is a close contact water-air, which is bigger thanks to the fill packings, that provide a big surface of exchange, improving performance and evaporation. There are different kinds of fill packing for different water quality.

  1. Sound Attenuator.
  2. Access ladder & Hand rail to the fan motor.
  3. Vibration Switch.
  4. Frequency converter
  5. Basin in FGRP

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