EWK, experience,
leadership and talent

EWK is an International and National company, who manufactures, installs and does maintenance of cooling products.


The most advanced technology in cooling towers

EWK designs and manufactures cooling towers, evaporative condensers and adiabatic equipment suitable for all kind of industry and air conditioning, for a wide range of sectors.
Whether you are looking at energy savings, environmental impact or a change in cooling capacity EWK can deliver a solution that meets your needs.


In 1957, the first fiberglass-reinforced polyester cooling tower was built in Lindau (Germany) SULZER premises. In 1962 the first cooling tower was manufactured in our Algete (Spain) factory.

In 2001, SULZER made a management Buy-Out to EWK, keeping the same premises, design and staff from the Swiss multinational.

In 2012 EWK enlarged their installations, moving the factory to Fuente el Saz (Madrid), with more than 4.000 m2 of production area and 3.000 m2 for storage area.


  • Environmental commitment, applying the highest standards to save water and energy.

  • The best performance and optimum quality in all our products.
  • Last technological improvements are developed by our technical office
  • 4.0 Industry is being included in automation and monitoring, adding value to supply chain.
  • Versatility to adapt to client’s needs, including accessories to reduce operational running costs, reduce noise and increase the safety.