The support you need for your EWK installations

EWK, as cooling towers manufacturer, can provide the necessary support for all those existing installations, which require any service.


Smart Care Service

  • Monitoring Service

The aim of this service it to collect data from several sensors installed in different elements of the cooling tower, and then observe the performance at every time. The data can be saved in a private cloud. Different parameters can be monitored such as:

  • The water inlet and outlet temperature
  • The level and temperature of the water in the sump
  • The level of fouling on the fill-packing or coil
  • The mass flow rate of water
  • The fan speed
  • The fan & motor vibration levels
  • The gear-motor oil / motor temperature
  • The motor consumption
  • The temperature & humidity ofthe air outside the cooling tower

Besides having access to the display, the client can get a warning alarm, when results are obtained outside the established limit parameters. Monthly reports will be generated to observe the behavior of the cooling tower, and then EWK can advise the client regarding the replacement of parts or any other measure to avoid breakdowns and improve the performance of the equipment.

  • Remote assistance service

With this additional option the client can have help from an EWK technician to perform support tests, install updates, or set parameters and help troubleshoot, remotely and with surveillance of the user.


Maintenance contracts and Inspection of existing units

  • Our team of technical analysts will analyse your equipment and give you advice to:

    o Consume only the power and water required

    o Improve the cooling tower performance

    o Identify parts to be replaced

    o Install spare parts and add additional new elements to upgrade the old equipments

  • Mechanical maintenance contracts
  • Predictive maintenance visits
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Refurbishment / replacement

  • Our technical team refurbish and revamp all makes and models of cooling towers.
  • We deeply study client’s needs and provide refurbishment services across more modern and more efficient components, always seeking to deliver performance upgrades and improved health and safety where possible.
  • Replacement of packing, drift eliminators, and accessories that make easier maintenance tasks.
  • Adaptation of the latest technological developments to upgrade already installed equipment, providing them with intelligent control.