• In 1962, the first fibreglass-reinforced polyester cooling tower was built in our premises. Since then, our objective has been to achieve the best performance and optimum quality. In this way our clients benefit from the best product, in both technology and quality.

  • All our products, new models and special constructions are developed by our technical office. Our development is aimed at optimising the power, electrical energy consumption and noise levels. All these factors are carefully assessed during the tests carried out before incorporating new models into our range of products

  • All the materials used in building the towers and, in particular, the polyester casings, are characterised by their strength and long duration even under the most aggressive conditions, as proven by the fact that some of these towers are still in service after 50 years without alteration to the materials. There is a big difference between the fibreglass-reinforced polyester casings (corrosion-proof) and those made of sheet metal (exposed to corrosion).

    The high-quality finish in the factory prevents alignment problems and allows quick assembly on site

  • A suitable model is determined for each performance, within our extensive standard range, to meet even the most demanding needs.

    Due to plant measurements, our equipment, most of it square-shaped, can be installed in reduced spaces.

    When a very precise adjustment of the cooling capacity is required, a frequency converter can be installed, which also improves performance and achieve considerable savings in electrical consumption.

    If different cooling capacities are needed, the usual procedure is to install as many in-line modules as steps required.

    The standard blue colour of the EWK towers can be modified, on client request, to best match the appearance of the buildings.

  • Due to the pre-assembly at the factory, the assembly time on site is reduced to the minimum. The possibility also exists of sending a specialised technician to supervise the assembly process and start-up.

  • All our equipment is extremely easy to clean and to maintain. The replacement of the components is simply and quickly done, as shown in the picture. The constructive materials allow the most demanding cleaning and desinfection.

  • Our technical service is at your disposal to supply any component in a short time, and to send a service technician to do the repair work or servicing as required.

  • Even though the EWK towers and condensers have a low noise level, in some critical cases, an exhaust silencer can be fitted to reduce the noise level even further. For hospitals or living areas in which the minimum noise level is a must, we can offer specially very low noise level equipments.

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