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ISLAZUL Shopping Center: Commitment with the environment

ISLAZUL Shopping Center (the largest mall in Madrid) was conceived as a responsible project with the environment, taking special care in the energy consumption. According to this, EWK has supplied 6 cooling towers EWK 1260/09, combined with plate heat exchangers, to get the best thermodynamic efficiency.

These cooling towers are manufactured using the latest materials, stronger and more durable (fiberglass reinforced, fill and separator SANIPACKING ® anti-legionella polypropylene polyester), and are easy to maintain.

The design of the cooling towers get maximum performance with the axial fans, the aerodynamic shape of the case, optimal distribution of water with non-clog nozzles and low pressure drop in the intake air.

The installation is completed by a system of plate heat exchangers in stainless steel AISI -316, associated with a regulatory system and the free cooling system.

Year: 2008

Power: 8300 kw

Model: 6 x EWK 1260/09

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