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Automobile Manufacturer (France)

  An EWB 5750/09 open circuit cooling tower has been installed in a vehicle production [...]


Four Centrifugal Cooling Towers model EWK-DA (open circuit) have been installed by Magna Cosma International [...]

Voestalpine Automotive Components (EEUU)

Automotive Components is a specialized business unit in the Metal Forming Division of Voestalpine. It [...]

ND Logistics industry in England

NORBERT DENTRESSANGLE logistics multinational, has installed an Evaporative Condenser EWK-E 900/6 in their premises of [...]


EWK has installed three Centrifugal Closed Circuit Cooling Towers in the factory of vehicles Volkswagen [...]


Volkswagen group, highly committed to the environment, designed its Landaben factory taking care of high [...]