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Automobile Manufacturer (France)

  An EWB 5750/09 open circuit cooling tower has been installed in a vehicle production [...]

Greenlyte Carbon Technologies

Direct Air Capture (DAC) has become an Industry itself, since after about one decade the [...]

18 Cooling Tower for diamond’s factory

Diamond Foundry has initiated the construction in Trujillo (Cáceres) of its second synthetic monocrystalline diamond [...]

Hospital Montebelluna

A Cooling tower has been instaled in Montebelluna Italian Hospital. An open circuit tower from [...]


VERBIO is the world’s largest supplier of biogas obtained from agricultural waste. An EWB open [...]

Koninklijke Drukkerij EM. DE JONG

It is one of the largest players on the European market for retail printing. At [...]

Italian Power Network

EWK adiabatic coolers for Italian Power network In the framework of a strategic project for [...]

Brewery (Romania)

Cooling tower renewal at a romanian brewery. The galvanized steel casing and the basin of [...]

APTUIT (Italy)

As a member company of Evotec since 2017, the pharmaceutical Aptuit offers a complete set [...]

KCM Bulgaria

One of the largest lead and zinc production company in Europe, which ensures exports to [...]


PATURPAT is a young cooperative that has known how to meet current consumer needs, offering [...]

Alicante Airport

  The most advanced installation in the world in terms of technology in the sector, [...]

Vienna Airport

Two EWK open circuit Cooling Towers model EWB 4600 have been installed at Schwechat Airport [...]

BLUM (Austria)

Blum is a family-owned company, founded en 1952, that supplies furniture manufacturers and hardware distributors [...]


Four Centrifugal Cooling Towers model EWK-DA (open circuit) have been installed by Magna Cosma International [...]

Voestalpine Automotive Components (EEUU)

Automotive Components is a specialized business unit in the Metal Forming Division of Voestalpine. It [...]

Fonz Pig slurry drying plant

IBERDROLA has installed two EWK-1800 cooling towers in its pig slurry drying plant located in [...]

Colombian Hydroelectric Plant

Two EWK-C 1800/6 cooling towers have been installed for the Colombian hydroelectric power plant in [...]

ERCROS Aranjuez

The two SMART cooling towers installed at its Aranjuez’s facilities, contribute to achieving one of [...]

Sudan’s Hospital

Ten cooling EWK-I 1800 towers were installed at the new UGH Hastane Sudan Hospital. Those [...]

Wuppermann Group

Due to the increase in production at the plant located in the Győr-Gönyű port in [...]

Scelta Umami (The Netherlands)

The food company Scelta Umami has replaced three old cooling towers for an only EWK-680 [...]

Port of Algeciras

In the Maritime Station of the port of Algeciras, two cooling towers of our EWK-I [...]

Aceites Abril

Aceites Abril, S.L. has enlarged its factory in San Cibrao das Viñas (Ourense), to process [...]

Freihoff (Austria)

Destillerie Freihof produces a wide selection of fruit brandies and premium schnapps, as well as [...]


The ABInbev Belgian brewery located in Leuven, has purchased 5 EWK 680 open cooling towers, [...]

Turmond (Italy)

Turmond, manufactures a wide range of industrial elements, mainly blades for various sectors such as [...]

V.P.Wils (Belgium)

Meat company Wils processes pork heads into still usable ingredients that are used in the [...]

TR V.I.C. (Italia)

Viterie Italia Centrale predominantly manufactures and distributes fastening systems for the white goods industry. It [...]

Potato processor in Benelux

One of the biggest potato processors in the world, operating in more tan 110 countries, [...]

CLAMBER Biorefinery (Ciudad Real)

EWK installs two of its equipment at the Clamber plant in Puertollano, the most advanced [...]

Jardin (The Netherlands)

This innovative closed cooling tower is equipped with its own control system with frequency control, [...]

Friesland Campina (The Netherlands)

EWK installs the first fiberglass reinforced polyester EWK evaporative condenser in the Netherlands. This customer [...]


This project concerns the cooling of a heater test facility of DEJATECH (The Netherlands). They [...]

Grolsch Brewery

The Grolsch Brewery in the Netherlands replaced a 13 years old galvanized liquid cooler for [...]

Van der Lee Seafish

La compañía Van der Lee es una innovadora procesadora de pescado con sede en los [...]

Picasso Sky Tower (Madrid)

  Picasso Tower is a skyscraper in Madrid, Spain. From 1988 till 2007 it was [...]

Santander Bank Financial center

Santander Bank is one of the biggest banks in the world and it has a [...]

Edificio Étoile (Paris)

    To ensure the cooling quality of the offices in a building right next [...]

“Walhalla” data center

“Walhalla”, the most secure and innovative European computer center that the firm TISSAT has located [...]

Main Tower (Frankfurt)

Twelve EWK-144 open circuit cooling towers have been installed in a Technical Masterpiece of Frankfurt: [...]

Antibióticos de León

ANTIBIOTICOS DE LEON is one of the main world factories of pharmaceutical ingredients. The firm [...]

Sanset Gida (Turkey)

Six EWK Cooling towers have been installed in Sanset Gida Factory (Kirklareli, Turkey), which mainly [...]

Victoria Shopping Center (Nottingham)

This Shopping Center, located in the center of Nottingham has been renovated several times, and [...]

Valencia Polytechnic University (UPV)

POLITECNICA University of Valencia has installed one Cooling Tower in the COMAV building, inside the [...]

Trump Towers (Istambul)

  EWK cooling towers for heat ventilation in the newest Trump Towers in Istanbul, located [...]

Düsseldorf Fair (Germany)

Eight centrifugal Towers have been installed for the trade fair in Düsseldorf, to re-cool the [...]

ND Logistics industry in England

NORBERT DENTRESSANGLE logistics multinational, has installed an Evaporative Condenser EWK-E 900/6 in their premises of [...]

AB Azucarera (Miranda de Ebro)

AB SUGAR has installed a new Cooling Tower from EWK (type EWB 5750/15) in its [...]


EWK has installed three Centrifugal Closed Circuit Cooling Towers in the factory of vehicles Volkswagen [...]

GUISSONA Food corporation

“Guissona Corporación Alimentaria S.A.” group, has installed 6 EWK-E 1800 Evaporative condensers in its meat [...]

Folkart Towers (Istambul)

Folkart is a first quality project which provides the most modern technology, maximum comfort and [...]

Gregorio Marañon Hospital (Madrid)

One of the existing cooling towers at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, which served [...]

Sheraton Hotel (Algers)

Considered as one of the two best hotels in Argel, Sheraton Club des Pins Resort [...]

AITIIP Technology Center

AITIIP is a Multidisciplinary Technology Center, dedicated to product development, innovation and research. Because of [...]

GLEN ELGIN y DAILUAINE Scotch distilleries

Diageo is the world’s leading premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol [...]

GARDOVIAL. Must grape treatment

GARDOVIAL, owned by the French group GRAP-SUD, located in San Clemente (Cuenca), processes more than [...]

Nuclear Plant Tricastin (France)

EWK has provided six cooling tower for the works to be done in the following [...]

Sugar Company

AB AZUCARERA IBERIA, S.L.U. belonging to AB SUGAR multinational group, has launched a new line [...]

MERCK (Mollet del Vallés)

MERCK is the oldest chemical & pharmaceutical company, with presence nowadays in 67 countries. In [...]

Bellvitge Hospital

Two Evaporative cooling towers assembled in the Bellvitge Universitary Hospital in addition to other two [...]


HOLMEN PAPER company in Fuenlabrada, decided to expand the capacity of its cogeneration plant in [...]

DIAM Cork manufacturer (Merida)

DIAM, set up in 1986, is part of a group with great tradition in the [...]

New terminal of Santiago airport

EWK has supplied the closed circuit cooliing towers for the air conditioning of the new [...]

Ammonium Nitrate production Plant in Cuba Energy

  The old deteriorated cooling towers were affecting the performance of the rest of equipments [...]

ESSETI (Italia)

ESSETI is a historic Italian pharmaceutical company, active since the sixties in the national pharmaceutical [...]

FCC “Environmental complex of Barbanza”

FCC manages the Environmental complex of Barbanza, where a special treatment system for leachate (industrial [...]


Volkswagen group, highly committed to the environment, designed its Landaben factory taking care of high [...]

Son Llatzer Hospital (Palma de Mallorca)

The new cogeneration of Son Llatzer Hospital has installed four closed circuit cooling towers model [...]

Biomass Power Station in Corduentes

Biomass Power Station in Corduentes is the first thermical plant fueled by wood biomass in [...]

Doosan (Romania)

For over 35 years, Doosan IMGB is a leading provider of heavy castings and forgings [...]

ISLAZUL shopping center

ISLAZUL Shopping Center (the largest mall in Madrid) was conceived as a responsible project with [...]

Pig slurry drying plant Valpuren

SENER INGENIERIA Y SISTEMAS trusted EWK EQUIPOS DE REFRIGERACION S.A. to supply cooling towers for [...]

DYC Distilleries cogeneration plant

Destilerías DYC cuenta con una planta de cogeneración de 13Mw para el proceso de fábricación [...]


FORLASA cheese factory, in its Villarrobledo plant, needed to replace an old tower due to [...]

COFICAB (Romania)

COFICAB, electrical automotive cables and wires manufacturer, chooses two open cooling towers to refrigerate the [...]

Vall d’Hebron Hospital

FGRP Cooling towers by EWK were installed in The Vall d’Hebron Universitary Hospital. In this [...]


This big aeronautic plant is refrigerated by one single cooling tower system, installed over a [...]

Central Meet Market MERCAMADRID

The Central Meat Market MERCAMADRID, in collaboration with GAS NATURAL, chose a centralized refrigeration system, [...]