Italian Power Network

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Synchronous Compensation Stations. TERNA. Matera

YEAR: 2021

MODEL: 30 x EWK-A 2290

POWER: 1 MW / per unit

EWK adiabatic coolers for Italian Power network

In the framework of a strategic project for the development and improvement of the reliability of the Italian power network, the Electric Company is committed to the cooling solution offered by EWK.

The company has acquired a total of thirty Adiabatic Refrigeration equipments, model EWK-A, with a potential of more than 1 MW each, for six different locations in that country. EWK equipment is an integral part of the advanced technological solution adopted in these new facilities.

The EWK-A adiabatic coolers are designed to water cooling ensuring a minimum cost of operation with the greater energy and water saving. They combine two operation modes: DRY (cools the fluid that circulates through the machine with air at ambient temperature) and WET (modifies the humidity conditions of the air, thus obtaining fresher air to use to cool the process fluid more efficiently).

AC most power efficient fans are installed.

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