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Koninklijke Drukkerij EM. DE JONG

It is one of the largest players on the European market for retail printing. At [...]

Port of Algeciras

In the Maritime Station of the port of Algeciras, two cooling towers of our EWK-I [...]


This project concerns the cooling of a heater test facility of DEJATECH (The Netherlands). They [...]

Picasso Sky Tower (Madrid)

  Picasso Tower is a skyscraper in Madrid, Spain. From 1988 till 2007 it was [...]

Santander Bank Financial center

Santander Bank is one of the biggest banks in the world and it has a [...]

Edificio Étoile (Paris)

    To ensure the cooling quality of the offices in a building right next [...]

“Walhalla” data center

“Walhalla”, the most secure and innovative European computer center that the firm TISSAT has located [...]

Main Tower (Frankfurt)

Twelve EWK-144 open circuit cooling towers have been installed in a Technical Masterpiece of Frankfurt: [...]

Victoria Shopping Center (Nottingham)

This Shopping Center, located in the center of Nottingham has been renovated several times, and [...]

Valencia Polytechnic University (UPV)

POLITECNICA University of Valencia has installed one Cooling Tower in the COMAV building, inside the [...]

Trump Towers (Istambul)

  EWK cooling towers for heat ventilation in the newest Trump Towers in Istanbul, located [...]

Düsseldorf Fair (Germany)

Eight centrifugal Towers have been installed for the trade fair in Düsseldorf, to re-cool the [...]

Folkart Towers (Istambul)

Folkart is a first quality project which provides the most modern technology, maximum comfort and [...]

Sheraton Hotel (Algers)

Considered as one of the two best hotels in Argel, Sheraton Club des Pins Resort [...]

AITIIP Technology Center

AITIIP is a Multidisciplinary Technology Center, dedicated to product development, innovation and research. Because of [...]

ISLAZUL shopping center

ISLAZUL Shopping Center (the largest mall in Madrid) was conceived as a responsible project with [...]

COFICAB (Romania)

COFICAB, electrical automotive cables and wires manufacturer, chooses two open cooling towers to refrigerate the [...]