Main Tower (Frankfurt)

12 EWK Cooling Towers in Main Tower

YEAR: 2016

MODEL: 12 x EWK-144

POWER: 2.700 kW

Twelve EWK-144 open circuit cooling towers have been installed in a Technical Masterpiece of Frankfurt: The MAIN TOWER. With its innovative construction, this is the first skyscraper in Europe to be built with a fully glazed façade.

Since its inauguration in the year 2000, the MAIN TOWER (56 floors, 240 m high, 29 lifts) has been an exceptional building and has occupied the 4th place in a ranking of the highest skyscrapers in Germany.

The model chosen is the most appropriate because of its size. The cooling towers have been lifted in the elevator, thereby saving costly expenses of cranes. They have been supplied in grey colour chosen by the customer and with windows for the maintenance of drift eliminator in polypropylene.