Brewery (Romania)

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New cooling tower for a brewery in Romania

YEAR: 2021

MODEL: EWK 900/09


Cooling tower renewal at a romanian brewery.

The galvanized steel casing and the basin of the existing units at this brewery had leakage and corrosion issues. With this cooling tower renewal, the installation will be corrosion and leakage free thanks to the complete EWK structure made in polyester.

The installation was on a high platform and had narrow available space so our challenge was to select a suitable model, able to achieve the cooling capacity, together with an easy replacement installation.

Therefore, we chose an open circuit cooling tower EWK 900 with anti-legionella Sanipacking internals. The one single piece helped to do the erection easier and faster.

It also comes with significant added value, as axial fans at less than 30% from the previous installed power, and a Smart Control cabinet with a preventive maintenance package, which offer a more complete and long-term experience.

Romanian Delegation were the ones in charge of this succesful proyect.