Sugar Company

Extension of La Bañeza Sugar Factory

YEAR: 2012

MODEL: EWK-1800/09

POWER: 7.600 kW

AB AZUCARERA IBERIA, S.L.U. belonging to AB SUGAR multinational group, has launched a new line of business to take advantage of the beetroot destined for other markets as cosmetics, medicine and nutritional supplements. For this, the existing infrastructure in La Bañeza industrial complex has been extended, having among their equipment an EWK 1800 cooling tower, which will allow refrigerate the facilities with the lower power consumption and respect for the environment.

The fill is SPLASHTUBE, ideal for applications where water contains large amount of suspended solids or very hard water, supporting a high degree of pollution without compromising performance. It also has a long lasting life and allows quick and easy cleaning through the access maintenance door.