Nuclear Plant Tricastin (France)

EURODIF Nuclear Plant in Tricastin (France)

YEAR: 2012

MODEL: 6 x EWK 1800/09


EWK has provided six cooling tower for the works to be done in the following years at the biggest nuclear plant in France, located in Tricastin, for for the progressive dismantling of the plant Georges Besse I, and for the implementation of the new George Besse II. The historic EURODIF factory leaves the process of uranium enrichment by gaseous diffusion technology that required the presence of large cooling towers (the famous chimneys pointing the place from miles around) and replaces it with the modern technique of centrifugation, with new technologies that enable significant energy savings, resulting in reduced environmental impact.

EWK towers contribute to protecting the environment in this project because of its low consumption, drift eliminators that prevent the entrainment of water outside, and the aesthetic change will mean the elimination of these two huge columns of concrete that for many years marked the landscape of the area.