FORLASA uses the highest technology in the manufacture of traditional cheese.

YEAR: 2007

MODEL: EWK 1800/09

POWER: 7.814 kW

FORLASA cheese factory, in its Villarrobledo plant, needed to replace an old tower due to the damages suffered by poor chemical treatment, the exposure to the elements, and scales, what were causing fill crumbling. This resulted in poor performance, increasing stops for maintenance and impacting negatively on production.

The solution that EWK presented was an open casing tower made in Fiberglass-reinforced polyester, highly resistant to all aggressive conditions, as well as to extreme temperatures. SANIPACKING fill and droplet separators inhibit the growth of legionella.The water distribution system is made in polypropylene pipes, with ABS nozzles designed to avoid obstructions by accumulated sediments.

With this tower, deterioration for corrosion and scaling is avoided, and maintenance and cleaning become easier.