TR V.I.C. (Italia)

Viterie Italia Centrale

YEAR: 2017

MODEL: EWK 441/09

POWER: 816 kW

Viterie Italia Centrale predominantly manufactures and distributes fastening systems for the white goods industry. It belongs to TR group (a leading international specialist in high quality industrial fastenings for major global assembly industries).

There was in their premises an old steel cooling tower with big problems of corrosion, which was solved by replacing it by a polyester and compact design cooling tower from EWK. The corrosion-free materials with which those cooling towers are made, assure this manufacturer a longer lifespan to their equipment. At the same time, thanks to the SANIPACKING® treatment, both internals and casing will be protected against legionella. Among the side products, a vibration switch has been installed, to prevent damages in case of abnormal vibrations in fan-motor set.