KCM Bulgaria

Lead and Zink smelting plant (Bulgaria)

YEAR: 2021

MODEL: 4 x EWK/680/09

POWER: 5.860 kW

One of the largest lead and zinc production company in Europe, which ensures exports to almost the entire world looked for a complete industrial cooling solution, designed for its specific process needs.

To ensure the best performance for the project, our distributor offered four open circuit COOLING TOWERS EWK 680/09, with structure composed by a self-supported compact casing, fully made in fiberglass reinforced polyester. The drift eliminator and the fill packing (SANIPACKING®) are made of polypropylene blocks with anti-legionella treatment, that prevent the growth of legionella in its surface.

All four cooling towers have access doors made of polypropylene (big enough to facilitate the handling of fills and other maintenance tasks), walkway and vertical ladder to the cooling towers fan motor,