FCC “Environmental complex of Barbanza”

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FCC improves "Complexo Medioambiental do Barbanza" performance with EWK towers.

YEAR: 2010

MODEL: EWK 900/09

POWER: 1.786 kW

FCC manages the Environmental complex of Barbanza, where a special treatment system for leachate (industrial wastewater) coming from the treatment plant and landfill complex, is applied. With this system they improve the performance in very contaminated waters treatment, and consists of two phases: one reverse osmosis plant and a forced vacuum evaporator.

In this second phase a cooling tower is needed to give service to a condenser where vapors coming from the evaporator will be re-liquified, the leachate concentrated with only a 5% of rejection.

Because of this very agressive environment, the original galvanized steel sheet cooling tower suffered a serious corrosion, being necessary its replacement for an EWK 900/09 cooling tower, which thanks to its corrosion-proof components, the lifetime of the equipment is extended and also the performance with respect to the previous tower is increased.

The assembly of the new EWK equipment was made in only one day thanks to the pre-assembled delivery of the towers, therefore the operation of the facility was not affected.