Central Meet Market MERCAMADRID

MERCAMADRID: Echology and Maximum reduction in energy consumption

YEAR: 1999

MODEL: 4 x EWK-E 1800/6

POWER: 10.240 kW

The Central Meat Market MERCAMADRID, in collaboration with GAS NATURAL, chose a centralized refrigeration system, echological and aiming the minimum consumption. Each year 72.000 tons of meat are received, processed, packed and distributed, being stored in its 33.000 m2 of cold stores: +8ºC/+10ºC for handling, 0ºC/+2ºC for refrigerated products, -18ºC/-25ºC for freezing products and  a -35ºC freezing tunnel.

The proposal that EWK made on this occasion were EWK-E 1800 towers, that have excellent heat exchange performance due to its batteries characteristics, and they also cover one of the most important aspects of the project: the low energy consumption, thanks to the careful aerodinamic design of the top casing  and to the vast quantity of airflow.

Their long-lasting casing are made in polyester corrosion-proof and are very easy to clean and maintain. These Evaporative Condensers work with ammonia, which circulates through the coil. Meanwhile, the secondary circuit water is sprayed over the tubes. The fan induces an airflow through the coil evaporating a small part of water. This evaporation is owed to the heat obtained from the gas in the heat exchanger, thereby cooling and condensing the gas itself.