Biomass Power Station in Corduentes

Forest Biomass Power Station

YEAR: 2008

MODEL: 2 x EWK 1260/09

POWER: 6.300 kW

Biomass Power Station in Corduentes is the first thermical plant fueled by wood biomass in Spain,  located in Guadalajara and builted by TAMOIN to IBERDROLA RENOVABLES. It has been designed to produce 14 GWh a year, and needs about 20.000 tons of wood, obtained from nearby forests.

EWK, together with TAMOIN, propose the use of open towers that may adjust to the cooling needs with the lowest energy consumption, according to the project energetic optimization criteria.

The materials facilitate the maintenance equipment both mechanical and sanitary.

Flexibility in the EWK production allows to fit towers design to client needs, regarding to conections situation, control elements and even the colour.