HOLMEN PAPER cogeneration plant expansion and energy saving

YEAR: 2010

MODEL: 4 x EWK-1800/09

POWER: 8.950 kW

HOLMEN PAPER company in Fuenlabrada, decided to expand the capacity of its cogeneration plant in 65% and to improve the energetic efficiency, due to the start of a new recycling paper machine. For this they created a new combined cycle plant with a new gas turbine with its generator and auxiliary equipment, a recovery boiler and a transformer. They chose EWK tours as additional equipment.

The towers should be placed on the top of the plant building’s terrace, that is why the distribution should adequate to the small space available, and also not to add excessive weight to the structure. EWK draw on a battery of four towers with compact casing made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester. In addition, this system managed to minimize the energy consumption thanks to its excellent technical design.

EWK installed four open towers EWK 1800/09, each one refrigerating 370 m3/h and dissipating 8.950 kW together. They are provided with fill and droplet separator SANIPACKING, made of polypropilene PVC, elements in plastic materials corrosion free, making more effective the water treatment chemicals required by current regulations.