Alicante Airport

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Alicante Airport

YEAR: 2020

MODEL: 8 x EWK-C 1800



The most advanced installation in the world in terms of technology in the sector, has probably been carried out at Alicante Airport, one of the main international airports in Spain,

It incorporates the most avant-garde elements, offering more profitable, efficient, ecological and sanitary advanced equipment.

These towers are controlled by the SMART COOLING TOWER system, a management software that controls the integral operation of the equipment, and they use frequency inverters in both the fans and the pumps, which allow minimizing energy consumption and optimizing their performance. Sensors for temperature, vibrations, water levels, etc. send the data to the control panel, being able to detect possible failures or foresee future performance failures.

In the sanitary aspect, in addition to the fiberglass reinforced polyester casing, manufactured with anti-legionella Sanipacking treatment and the filling elements and drift eliminator with the same treatment, the most significant advance of this installation is the incorporation of the LEGIOLAB, the only system on the market capable of detecting and quantifying Legionella bacteria in circulating water quickly and automatically.