Gregorio Marañon Hospital (Madrid)

Torres de refrigeración PRFV

Replacing one tower at Gregorio Marañón Hospital

YEAR: 2013

MODEL: 1 x EWK 900/09

POWER: 1.275 kw

One of the existing cooling towers at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, which served to Air Conditioning system, was replaced by an EWK open-circuit tower. The old tower had corrosion problems, generating a lack of performance and having reduced its energy efficiency.

Our technical department decided to offer an induced draft open tower with a fiberglass-reinforced polyester shell, including backfill supports and Pultrusion droplet separator. Thanks to this, these towers are resistant to corrosion and prolong their useful life.

The units have geared motors that comply with the European regulation on energy efficiency IEC-60034-30/2010, and are directly coupled to the fan without pulleys or belts.

All the materials of the EWK cooling towers and, in particular, the polyester casings are distinguished by their resistance and extended life even in the most aggressive environments. In this sense, there is a big difference between fiberglass-reinforced polyester casings (unalterable) and those made of sheet metal (susceptible to corrosion).

The high level of factory finishing avoids adjustment problems and allows for very fast assembly on site.

Its accessibility provides great ease of maintenance and conservation.

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