Vall d’Hebron Hospital

Torres de refrigeración en PRFV

Tri-Generation Power System for Vall d'Hebron Hospital

YEAR: 2006

MODEL: 9 x EWK-1800


FGRP Cooling towers by EWK were installed in The Vall d’Hebron Universitary Hospital.

In this case EWK solution was a set of 9 open circuit towers with casing made in FGRP. As the towers arrive to the site pre-assembled, the time of assembling is reduced. Fills and drift-eliminator SANIPACKING are made in PVC and areself-extinguishable,  highly resistant to all agressive conditions, as well as to extreme temperatures.

The water distribution system is made by means of spary nozzles, made of synthetic resins, that eliminates in practice every possibility of clogging, and prevents tower deterioration by corrosion.

Vall d’Hebrón Hospital is the most important Hospital complex in Cataluña, and one of the most importants in Spain. Its Power station was designed to ensure both the supply and quality of energy required for the facility. With this installation the electrical demand from the network will be reduced  and even electricity will be exported to it; the tri-generation plant supplies heat and cooling for building and hospital facilities. For this type of plants cooling towers are needed to evacuate the thermal power untapped.

EWK towers are very easy to clean and maintain, what is very important in this kind of installations for the risk to the pacients and visitors.

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