Pig slurry drying plant Valpuren

Pig slurry drying plant in Toledo with bio-gas production

YEAR: 2008

MODEL: 4 x EWK 1800/15-ST

POWER: 12.360 kW

SENER INGENIERIA Y SISTEMAS trusted EWK EQUIPOS DE REFRIGERACION S.A. to supply cooling towers for two pig slurry drying and treatment plants that VALPUREN was installing in Polan y Consuegra.

EWK brought the experience reached in other similar functioning plants , and proposed solutions already tested and with excelent performance.

The problem in those plants was the dirty and corrosive background, that was solved by installing standard towers with the casing made in fibre-glass-reinforced polyester, specifically the open circuit with SPLASH fill towers: EWK 1800/15 SP. These equipes are hightly resistant to corrosion and its SPLASH fill suppports a high level of dirtiness without loosing efficiency.  They have a very longlasting life and are easy to clean.

Thanks to the flexibility in the manufacturing process, a slight modification in the water distribution system could be made in two of the towers,  to allow the  introduction of condensed water in the towers, facilitating the dilution of condensates with the rest of the cooling water.