GLEN ELGIN y DAILUAINE Scotch distilleries

Scotch distilleries expansion

YEAR: 2012

MODEL: 1 x EWK 1260 / 3 x EWK 900


Diageo is the world’s leading premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands. Diageo is investing in Scotch whisky growth within the Speyside area, (Scottland).

Under an ambitious investment program, two important distilleries have been expanded and remodeled: Glen Elgin and Dailuaine. Their refrigeration has been made by EWK, choosing three open cooling towers model EWK-900 for Dailuaine and one EWK-1260 for Glen Elgin. In both cases EWK towers contribute to the sustainability commitment that this company is implementing while distillery expansion projects, and this is possible thanks to the cooling towers low consumption, low noise level and internals made in respectful with the environment materials.

Besides, the modular design of towers, allowed its easy delivery and assembling on site.